Geometric Collection by Augustine Jewels

For Spring 2020 we released our new jewellery collection: the Geometric Collection. Available in silver and gold plated silver, this delicate and simple collection is perfect for everyday wear!

Silver Geometric Circle Necklace, Geometric Collection

Silver Geometric Double Circle Stud Earrings, Geometric Collection


The jewellery set features a circular motif incorporated in different designs. Single circles, intertwining circles, and concentric circles are connected with light silver chains in minimalist designs. A variety of bracelets, earrings and necklaces in different designs can be worn alone for a chic and minimalist look, or paired together to create fun and unusual sets.

Gold Plated Silver Geometric Double Circle Bracelet, Geometric Collection

Gold Plated Silver Geometric Circle Bracelet, Geometric Collection


As part of the Geometric Collection, two pieces stand out because of their uniqueness. The first one is an adjustable necklace with two circles sliding one into the other, allowing the wearer to wear it long or as a choker. The other fun piece is a pair of extra long ‘threader’ earrings which go through the ear to hang at both the front and back.

Geometric Long Earrings, Geometric Collection

The clean lines and versatility of Augustine Jewels’ Geometric Collection make it a nice treat for yourself or a small gift for friends and family. Because the simple jewellery pieces can be easily mixed and matched, wearers can creatively pair them to make their own unique set.


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