Kunzite: Origins, Meanings, and Properties

This week, let's talk about beautiful Kunzite!

Kunzite was first discovered in 1902 in San Diego County, California. Since then, it has also been sourced in Madagascar, Brazil, and Afghanistan. Its hue varies from pink to violet; sometimes it can even be colorless. The pink colour is derived from the presence of manganese in the stone, and the more vibrant the colour appears to be, the more valuable the stone is!

Kunzite is believed to have strong healing properties. It is often worn by young mothers to give them mental strength during and after pregnancy. Furthermore, it provides its wearer with a greater sense of wisdom and understanding, as well as inner peace and stability. It brings harmony to one's mind and heart. Hence, kunzite is a popular stone in assisting with anxiety and depression as it is thought to help the body achieve its natural hormonal balance. Finally, kunzite allegedly strengthens heart muscles and boosts one's muscular and circulatory systems!  

Jewellery that features kunzite is quite rare, but very beautiful. Here, at Augustine Jewels, we specialise in bespoke jewellery, making your most intricate jewellery dreams come true! If you would like to discuss a design featuring beautiful kunzite or any other gemstone of your choice, book your complimentary consultation.

Here are some of our bespoke designs to inspire you to get your first kunzite piece!


1. Mint Tourmaline 3-Band Ring - Price on Application

This gorgeous ring, set in 18ct white gold, features our signature triple band for a classic statement look. 


2. Pink & Chrome Tourmaline Ring - Price on Application

Here the client opted for a striking colour-contrast design, pairing a pear-cut pink tourmaline with gorgeous green chrome tourmaline baguettes, set in white gold.


3. Morganite Oval Ring - Price on Application

This relatively simple yet timeless ring showcases a mesmerising 10ct morganite designed with a split band and double prongs to give it a unique twist. 


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