September: Month of Sapphire




Every month carries with it a special gemstone, and this coming month, September, is attached to the stunning sapphire. Most famous for its sparkling blue hue, as seen in our Silver Sapphire Spiral Portofino Necklace, sapphires also come in almost every colour, including pink and green! Indeed the only colour which sapphires cannot be found in is red.

Sapphires are beautiful and special gemstones – not only as jewellery, but also, due to their incredible hardness (they rank as the third hardest mineral after diamonds and moissanite), used in high-durability windows and in infrared optical components!

One of the largest blue sapphires in existence can be found at the National Musuem of Natural History in Washington. Found in Sri Lanka, the Logan Sapphire is a massive 422.99 carats!

Here at Augustine Jewels we love the elegance and vibrancy of sapphires in our jewellery – be sure to take a look at our Cotswold and Portofino collections for examples of these stunning jewels.




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