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Tourmaline has one of the widest hue ranges of any gemstone, encompassing almost every colour of the rainbow! Due to this, it has historically been confused with other gems such as ruby, emerald, and sapphire. Tourmaline is actually much more affordable than these stones, although rare varieties of tourmaline such as the electric blue Paraíba tourmaline, the delightful and aptly named watermelon tourmaline, or Augustine Jewels’ favorite, vivid green chrome tourmaline, of course command higher prices! Those born in October enjoy this versatile stone as their birthstone, along with opal. It is also the stone of the 8th anniversary.


Morganite is a variety of beryl, a lesser-known pink-hued sibling to emerald and aquamarine! We love morganite’s delicate hue, which varies from pink to peach - although vivid pink morganites are more valuable, the paler pinks are often more beautiful. Unlike many other gemstones, the value of a morganite does not increase exponentially with size, as large natural morganite crystal formations are relatively easy to come by. Morganite makes a lovely modern alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring, and is the star of our Venetian Collection, inspired by the warm romantic lights of Venice.


Diamonds didn't earn their reputation as a girl’s best friend for nothing! This classic gemstone with unrivaled sparkle is one of the most heavily marketed and romanticized stones of the past century. Their beauty is second only to their durability, as they are the hardest naturally occurring substance found on Earth. Diamonds are the birthstone for April, and the gem of the 60th anniversary. At Augustine Jewels, we work with all sorts of diamonds - our ready-to-wear Diamond Collection features classic white diamonds and mysterious black diamonds, and coloured diamonds are very popular options for our bespoke pieces, particularly pink and yellow.


Named after the Latin word for sea water, aquamarine has a long history of folklore connected to the sea, and was historically believed to calm waves and ensure the safety of sailors. Even if you’d rather stay on dry land, aquamarine’s cool blue hues are undoubtedly a beautiful choice for bespoke jewellery! Augustine Jewels has sourced beautiful high-clarity aquamarines from all over the world for our bespoke clients; our ready-to-wear Arctic Collection, inspired by the glaciers of the Arctic, also puts a spotlight on the watery-hued March birthstone.


Sapphires are commonly thought of as blue, but they actually occur naturally in every colour except red (red varieties of the corundum mineral that comprises sapphire are classified as rubies)! A stone with unparalleled historical significance, sapphires have long had a connection with the spiritual and celestial in many cultures across the world, and are commonly associated with royalty, even in the modern day - the centre stone of the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring is a beautiful 12ct blue sapphire. Sapphire is also the September birthstone, and the gem of the 5th and 45th anniversaries.