Augustine Jewels is a British luxury jewellery brand specializing in handmade bespoke jewellery. Based in London, we design and craft the most exquisite jewels to captivate, delight, and inspire, using traditional design techniques and extraordinarily beautiful hand-selected gemstones.

Shortlisted for Mono-Brand Retailer of the Year 2019 & Jewellery Designer of the Year 2022.

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At Augustine Jewels, we believe that jewellery not only elevates your look, but also expresses your unique character, reflects your personality, and tells your story. Our purpose is to use our expertise to design and craft exquisite jewellery that reflects who you are and aspire to be. We hand-select the most beautiful gemstones and work with the finest London jewellery craftsmen to create jewellery of unparalleled beauty and quality, tailored to you.


Alexandra, Founder

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