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Augustine Jewels Featured in Professional Jeweller

Posted by Alexandra Robson on November 17, 2017 0 Comments

We are delighted to announce that Augustine Jewels have been featured in Professional Jeweller:

Augustine Jewels Opens First Boutique 

Visit us in Notting Hill and be inspired by an array of ethically-sourced investment gemstones. 

We would love to meet you!

Augustine Jewels

75 Westbourne Park Road, London, W2 5QH

Open 10am - 5pm, Monday - Saturday

Tel: 02035565780

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Augustine Jewels & Prime Women Magazine

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We are proud to announce that an article of ours has been featured in Prime Women Magazine.
Investment Gemstones: Are Diamonds Still a Girl's Best Friend? -
What do you think? Are we moving away from white diamonds and towards a little colour? Would you prefer to wear Tanzanite and Rubies, or do diamonds have an elegant allure that we don't want to forsake?
Let us know your thoughts!
Augustine Jewels

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Country Living Fair Ticket Giveaway

Posted by Alexandra Robson on October 09, 2017 0 Comments
As a little thank you to all our followers, we are giving away 10 free tickets to the Country Living Fair in London, Olymipa, 8th-12th November.
Ticket numbers are limited so don't hesitate to email for your free ticket.
Please come and say hello at stand MB6 on the ground floor!
Augustine Jewels

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Spirit of Christmas Ticket Giveaway

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Augustine Jewels values each and every customer and so, as a little thank you we are giving away 10 free tickets for the Spirit of Christmas Fair in London, Olympia, 30th October - 5th November.
The number of tickets is limited, so please don't hesitate to email for your free ticket.
Please do come and say hello at stand B46 on the ground floor!
Augustine Jewels

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Opals for October: A little universe trapped in a stone

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Opals were held by the Ancient Romans to be very lucky and exceeding precious. Why? The Romans understood the opal’s brilliance to be a conflagration of all other precious stones.
However, in 1829, Sir Walter Scott wrote Anne of Geierstein, in which the heroine died after holy water was sprinkled over the opal in her hair. As Scott was somewhat the Kim Kardashian of his day, the public took heed. The opal became unlucky and its value plummeted.
Years passed and as the public began shedding it’s superstitious skin, the opal was once again admired for it’s unique natural luster. Here are a few reasons why we at Augustine Jewels are so fascinated by opals…
Opals are October’s birthstone so we’re paying them special attention this month.
Opals are formed by the rain. There are a couple of theories, one of which is that rain water creeps into crevasses in rock and evaporates to leave behind the silica that dries out and hardens to make opal.
Opals are one of only a handful of gemstones that have been discovered beyond planet earth…Opals have been found on Mars!
There are many different types of opals… white opals, black opals, fire opals and crystal opals.
Opals are the wedding anniversary stone for both 14 and 18 years!
We hope you’re as fascinated by opals as we are. Come and discuss your thoughts with us at 75 Westbourne Park Road, London W2 5QH.
Or, send us your own interesting gem/ jewellery story (50-100 words) for a chance to win £20 off in store or online. Please email:
We’d love to hear from you.
Augustine Jewels

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Is a Pearl a Pearl?

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The pearl’s natural luster has enticed both men and women alike to wear them in their jewellery for centuries. 
As time moved on and science progressed, synthetic pearls became a popular, far cheaper alternative to the real thing. However, we at Augustine Jewels only use natural pearls because we believe their personality adds character to a piece (and feels so much nicer against the skin).
We’d like to share with you the ways and reasons for noticing the real thing: Teeth, Touch, Shape, Sound!
 The quickest way to tell apart a natural pearl is by putting against the biting edge of your front teeth - a natural pearl will feel gritty. 
 Real pearls will feel cool in your hand, whatever the weather. 
True pearls aren’t exactly spherical, nor are they all the same shape and size. Each pearl is unique because they each grow naturally in different conditions.
 A synthetic string of pearls will have a thin, tinny sound when knocked together whereas a real string will have a softer, more comfortable sound.
Browse our Pearl Collection at or visit us at 75 Westbourne Park Road, London, W2 5QH…
 ..why not?
 Augustine Jewels

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Engagement Rings: 5 alternatives to a Diamond

Posted by Alexandra Robson on September 30, 2017 0 Comments


"I'm fascinated with diamonds. When I put them on my hands shake."
-Debra Messing 
Many believe that diamonds are a girl's best friend...but is this really true? Is there room for another gem in a girl's life? Can one propose with anything other than a diamond? We at Augustine Jewels would like to suggest a few alternatives...
Morganite is our favorite stone here at Augustine Jewels. Named after the American Financier in the early 20’s, the pink gem would be a blushing diamond for the blushing bride.
Topaz is found in a whole rainbow of colour but white topaz is a sneaky substitute, if you'd like something resembling a diamond but a little different. Topaz is November's birthstone... an interesting suggestion, no? To propose with a birthstone...
Citrine is a sexy alternative to the yellow diamond. The fiery yellow tones of the stone woo any light that touches it. Citrine is especially gorgeous on hands with a slightly darker tan.
The ruby has long been seen as a symbol of passion, love and courage because of its vibrant red tone. Many women throughout history have opted for rubies, in part because legend has it that they are hardened fire with the power to inspire desire... 
The sapphire engagement ring was once a favourite as it was said that the blue colour would fade if the wearer was impure or unfaithful. Nowadays women wear the sapphire for it's exceptional beauty.
Visit our website at or come and say hello at our newly opened flagship store at 75 Westbourne Park Road, London, W2 5QH. We'd so love to meet you.
Augustine Jewels

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September: Month of Sapphire

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Every month carries with it a special gemstone, and this coming month, September, is attached to the stunning sapphire. Most famous for its sparkling blue hue, as seen in our Silver Sapphire Spiral Portofino Necklace, sapphires also come in almost every colour, including pink and green! Indeed the only colour which sapphires cannot be found in is red.

Sapphires are beautiful and special gemstones – not only as jewellery, but also, due to their incredible hardness (they rank as the third hardest mineral after diamonds and moissanite), used in high-durability windows and in infrared optical components!

One of the largest blue sapphires in existence can be found at the National Musuem of Natural History in Washington. Found in Sri Lanka, the Logan Sapphire is a massive 422.99 carats!

Here at Augustine Jewels we love the elegance and vibrancy of sapphires in our jewellery – be sure to take a look at our Cotswold and Portofino collections for examples of these stunning jewels.


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Spring Sale at the House & Garden Festival

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Explore with us a world of inspiration for your lifestyle, interiors, and gardens, at the House & Garden Festival at Olympia London: we will be waiting for you at stand C61.

For all our lovely clients, there's a special surprise! At the festival, you will be able to enjoy a 15% discount on all our collections, and we will also be running a giveaway competition at our stall: a lucky winner will be gifted a beautiful Silver and Blue Topaz Mini Necklace.

But it doesn't end here! We have a special code that will enable our customers to enjoy 30% off their entry tickets: SS140 . To claim your discounted entry price, just quote this code when booking online (here), or by phone (084 4412 4623).

Take a look at the Festival's website here, and browse through our collections here.

See you there!

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Posted by Alexandra Robson on April 18, 2017 0 Comments

It's here! Our spring sale this year is better than ever.

Enjoy 15% off on all purchases by entering the code SPRING at checkout on our online store, and the code will be valid for over a week: from Friday 21st April to Sunday 30th April. It doesn't get much better than this...Shop here today!

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