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‘Memorable travels and its precious moments’ inspires the launch of jewellery brand.

Date: 21th November 2013

Former Global Head of CRM of Consumer Goods at Accenture launches new luxury jewellery brand in the UK.

After a year in the planning, independent jewellery brand Augustine Jewels has launched an e-commerce site and bespoke service in the UK. The brand highlights the concept of modern simplicity yet delicate luxury that can be worn day and night; creating enduring symbols of minimalist glamour, personal memoirs and timelessness.

Designed and founded by Cambridge University alumni and Accenture’s former Global Head of Consumer Goods and Retail Alexandra Morris Robson, the AW13 collections consist of the Parisian, Parisian Pavé and the Cotswold. They are inspired by worldly travels and significant sights encountered along the way. Each collection represents a place, a discovery, its beauty and most importantly of all, its precious moment.

By staying true to the representation of the brand, the finest quality materials such as 18ct gold and sterling silver are used in all of Augustine Jewels’ designs, as well as painstakingly picking out the best quality precious gemstones and near flawless diamonds. Everything is handmade in London and available for local and international customers.

GIA educated Alexandra has ambitious plans for the future of the jewellery brand, “I want to create a piece that has an element of sentimental and lasting beauty for the wearer, an ‘heirloom’ or ‘iconic’ piece that can be easily identified as Augustine Jewels and treasured as an eternal keepsake.”

She added, “I continually use my travels as my main source of inspiration and stay true to the concept of my entire collection. I believe individuals, particularly women, can relate to my collections in the sense that women are always having to be flexible, juggling and recreating themselves - discovering something new, exploring more and more, finding the moment that is truly embedded into their memories forever. I want the collection to evoke nostalgic and happy feelings. What I’ve created here is a jewellery collection to represent those precious moments.” A new travel-inspired collection is in the pipeline for Valentines and will be previewed at an exclusive press event in January next year.

Naming the brand Augustine Jewels came to Alexandra naturally. Augustine Studios is the home and design studio in Brook Green where her creations, ideas and visions come to life. Augustine Studios served as part of The Silver Studios - one of the largest decorative art and design studios in the UK from the 1860s to 1960s. The history of her home inspired her to name the business Augustine Jewels.

The retail price on the website ranges from £75 to £1,230. There is also an option for bespoke pieces ranging from £3000 to £100,000 +.

About the designer

Alexandra Morris Robson came from an illustrious educational and career background before pursuing her current passion as a jewellery designer. She studied at the renowned Esmod School of Design in Paris where she honed her craft as a bespoke designer before attending Cambridge University. She became an Accenture Partner in 2000 and later became Global Head of CRM for the Consumer Goods sector. As a keen traveller she found inspirations in various cities, places and their hidden gems that have influenced her jewellery, frequently sketching and designing for her future collection. She aims to create statement and luxurious pieces whilst maintaining the ability to wear the jewellery everyday. To further her skills and knowledge of the jewellery industry she studied at the prestigious Gemological Institute of America in diamond grading and jewellery design. She works from her own design studio in London.

Notes to Editors

Parisian Collection:

Inspired by the charming cobbled streets in Paris and the picturesque scenery of the romantic city, the collection comes as two set of pendants, earrings and bracelets in 18ct yellow gold and a sterling silver respectively. These contemporary pieces are to be worn everyday yet they have that element of glamour and elegance for those special occasions.

Parisian Pavé Collection:

This jewellery collection is our high luxury range set in 18ct white gold and using the finest quality diamonds. It symbolises the flickering lights of Paris at night. As the day draws to a close the city is magically transformed into an illuminating display of sparkling lights where the ladies go from Parisian chic to midnight glamour. The collection evokes a Cinderella moment.


To escape the hustle and bustle of city life we wistfully dream of retreating to a weekend break into the countryside where calmness and peace awaits. The Cotswolds is one of those places and where the fields become the most beautiful wildflower meadow in spring. We use this natural beauty to create a truly sophisticated and delicate flower collection where there is a constant reminder of what we call home. Be mesmerised by this quintessentially English collection. Available in 18ct white gold, 18ct yellow gold and sterling silver.

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