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Launching Our Valentine's Collection 2015 - All About Our Valentines Gemstones

Posted by Alexandra Robson on January 20, 2015 0 Comments

We are launching our Valentine's Collection this week.  It is busy in the studio ! We are all thinking romantic thoughts.. and dreaming of beautiful red gemstones. The best red gemstones are ruby, garnet, spinel and tourmaline. This year we have chosen garnet. We chose garnet because it is a very durable stone - good for those who want to turn Valentine's romances into long term relationships ! 

The three species of red garnet are almandine, rhodolite, and pyrope. Almandine garnet is a medium-red color. Rhodolite is found in red with purple or raspberry overtones. Pyrope, from the Greek word pyropus meaning “fiery-eyed,” is the darkest red garnet. The finest specimens have a glowing red color. Garnets are mined in East Africa, India and Sri Lanka. The ones that we have chosen this year come from India and are Almandine garnets. You can read the full article written for the ultimate lifestylist here.

We hope that you like our Collection and have a fantastic Valentine's Day. 


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