Tickets to See Our New Summer Collection at Spirit of Summer Olympia London June 17th - 20th

Augustine Jewels’ Summer Pastel Collection

If you would like a free ticket to come and see the Spirit of Summer Fair at Kensington Olympia, then please email and we will send it over ! 

We will be unveiling our new Summer Pastel Collection next week at the Spirit of Summer Fair in London, from Wednesday the 17th of June until Saturday the 20th of June.  The choice of colours is inspired by the South of France and includes pastel coloured gems such as citrine, rose quartz, green prasiolite and blue sky topaz. They embody the beauty of the region with its soft pastel colors and perfect light throughout the day.

Citrine is part of the quartz family. This stone is mostly found in Spain and France and is known to be completely insensitive to scratches. We have chosen a pale lemon yellow version of it, making it very pure as well as exotic.

Rose quartz, also known as the Love Stone also looks lovely on all our pieces as it goes extremely well with the silver mounting. It is a member of the quartz family and has been used as a love token from as early as 600 BC. Here too, we have chosen very pale pink gemstones to amplify this summery, casual and light feel.

Green prasiolite is the third choice of stone in our summer collection. Prasiolite is the proper name for the green variety of amethyst and comes from the Greek “leek” as it resembles the plant. Just like all quartz, it is a strong amplifier of energy. The shade of green we have decided to use is a light pastel one.

Blue sky topaz is also fabulous and goes very well with the rose quartz, if one was looking to match bangles for examples. Blue sky topaz is the lightest shade of blue topaz, often mistaken by people for aquamarine. It is rare but also one of the most popular colored stones right now!

Have a great summer with your new colored jewels…




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