Dazzle This Christmas With Green Gemstones!

It’s the perfect season to flaunt those teal and olive coloured gemstones, because when it comes to Christmas, the colour green immediately springs to mind! From Christmas trees to decorations, this shade definitely helps us to get in the festive mood.

There are a number of naturally coloured ‘green’ gemstones. You may already be aware of Emeralds, but you might be interested to know that Tourmaline, Peridot and Prasiolite are also equally as striking when used in jewellery.

Emeralds are a very sophisticated gemstone and some green emeralds are even more valuable than diamonds! The best Emeralds are Zambian or Columbian, and they are typically a beautiful deep green colour – paler Emeralds decrease the value of this exquisite gem.

Tourmaline gems vary in colour from red and yellow to blue and green. Legend has it that Tourmaline found all of its colours because the gemstone travelled the length of the rainbow! However green Tourmaline (also known as 'Verdelite') is one of the most popular varieties. Our solid sterling silver cuff includes a gorgeous green Tourmaline centre piece.

Peridot is a rich green coloured gemstone with a slight hint of gold. It is also an ancient stone, used in Egyptian jewellery dating back to the early 2nd millennium B.C; however, today it is viewed as a popular and affordable gemstone.

Prasiolite or ‘Green Amethyst’ is a golden-green Quartz, similar in colour to Peridot. We are a big fan of this particular stone and feature it in our Autumn 2015 and South of France collections! Our sterling silver rings, bangles, necklaces and earrings are set using a single, light coloured Green Amethyst stone and they would make a lovely gift!




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