A Ring to Empower Women - Princess Tessy of Luxembourg and her Sky Blue Topaz Ring from Augustine Jewels

A ring is not just an accessory, but can also be an object that conveys an important message. For this reason, it can really make a difference in someone’s life when they receive a ring from a loved one! But the situation gets tricky when things don’t go conventionally. 

At Augustine Jewels we often witness many women empowering themselves through our jewellery. They can afford to treat themselves with the beauty of jewellery and add a little sparkle to their lives, with or without a man by their side. These days it is not just men buying jewellery for women, and at Augustine Jewels we know this very well!

In March 2019, Tessy de Nassau visited our shop in Notting Hill and posted a picture on Instagram wearing our Sky Blue Topaz Ring from the South of France Collection. The next day the picture of the ring appeared on Hola! USA, RTL Today and Adelswelt with the screaming title ‘Princess Tessy said yes’

Picture from tessy_from_luxembourg Instagram

What was mistakenly confused for an engagement ring - or cleverly mistaken by journalists - was in fact just a ring she really likes and enjoys wearing. Tessy did ‘say yes’, but she did so to herself! She shared the picture on social media of her wearing the ring alongside a caption inviting women to be proud of who they are, to ‘say yes’ to themselves without the need of a man by their side.

She wrote “I say yes to me! Yes to my body! Yes to my soul! Yes to my weaknesses! Yes to my strengths! Happy International Women’s Week beautiful butterflies. Be proud of who you are. Accept yourself first before making space for anyone else. No one can take better care of yourself than you! Break the stigma, get your own 'I love and respect myself' ring at Augustine Jewels”.

From the popularity the ring gained thanks to the media coverage, we decided there was the need to do more. For International Women’s Day, on 8th March 2019, Augustine Jewels’ founder and CEO, Alexandra Robson, attended the ‘Femme et Feminité’ exhibition in Luxembourg. Organized and hosted by artist Elisabeth Herckes-José, in the presence of Tessy de Nassau, many women coming from different backgrounds had the chance to showcase their works of art. Alexandra exhibited our jewellery collections at the Sofitel Hotel, where she had the pleasure to spend a day with many empowered women.

Tessy, who happily wore our jewellery with her outfits throughout the day, defined our jewellery as “not just beautiful, but also empowering”, touching on Alexandra’s previous activity for women’s rights. Augustine Jewels as a brand stands up for women to enable them to use jewellery to express their unique character, reflect their personality, and tell their story.

We couldn’t be prouder of our activities in support of women and their empowerment, born through social media and Tessy’s picture of our Sky Blue Topaz Ring. Every day we meet clients who treat themselves with our jewellery, and we love to see them saying ‘yes’ to themselves without waiting for the traditional engagement ring gifted by a partner.



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