Black & White Diamonds

Diamond is a mineral composed of pure carbon and it is one of the hardest naturally occurring substances on earth. In fact, its hardness, brilliance, and sparkle make it unsurpassed as gem. Therefore it has become the most dreamt of gemstone by two groups of people: women and jewellers!


White Diamond Circle Pendant, £659


When you think about diamonds, you normally picture white diamonds in your mind. But did you know diamonds exist in other hues too? “Fancy” diamonds have a distinct colour which can range from blue, green, violet, to orange, red, and yellow. Or, at the complete other end of the spectrum, there are the beautiful and mysterious black diamonds.

Bespoke Black Diamond Eternity Ring, Price on Application

Black diamonds actually have the same chemical composition as their white counterparts, but a different structure - it has many inclusions and absorbs the light, thus being opaque rather than transparent.

Natural black diamonds are quite rare and are becoming very trendy, mostly for engagement rings. Even if they are not as bright and sparkly as clear white diamonds, they are not to be mistaken for second-class diamonds! Black diamonds are very much real diamonds, even though their price is usually lower than white diamonds - although in recent years, their value has been increasing along with demand. Although white diamonds have the charm of a long-time classic, black diamonds are uniquely mesmerising, and it is easy to see why their popularity is on the rise.

Here at Augustine Jewels, we love all sorts of diamonds. Our ready-to-wear Diamond Collection with its sparkly necklaces, earrings and rings always gets the wearers noticed. 

Diamond earrings

White Diamond Drop Earrings, £595



White Diamond Drop Pendant, £695

White Diamond Ring, £999


For a modern twist, we have just launched our limited edition Black Diamond collection featuring black diamonds on a yellow gold setting.


Black Diamond Pendant, £420

Black Diamonds Stud Earrings, £275


If you are intrigued by our Diamond Collection check out the full collection and shop online at, or come visit us at our flagship store at 75 Westbourne Park Road, Notting Hill, London, W2 5QH. If you want to be more adventurous with your diamonds, you can contact Augustine Jewels’ CEO and Designer at to discuss your bespoke jewellery ideas.



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