Floral Jewellery for the Bloom Season

While the weather here in London has been gloomy and rainy, Spring blossoms are coming in full force. It is not only a celebration of winter's end but a sign that summer is just around the corner! The blooming trees and flowers colour the city in ravishing pale hues and vibrant spring tones, revealing the true beauty of London in summer.


It's no secret that most of us dress for the weather and wearing weather matching accessories is always key when it comes to the bloom season.⁠ Here's our selection of beautiful, floral-inspired embellishment that will definitely make your soul bloom like a flower. 



1. Green Amethyst & Auquamarine Drop Earrings - £270

Inspired by the waters of Lake Como, these elegant drop earrings feature calming green amethyst briolettes and stunning aquamarine studs - set in 9ct gold or silver.

2. Green Amethyst Cluster Necklace - £190

This effortless combination of green amethyst, delicate morganite and sky blue aquamarine perfectly represent the beauty of Lake Como in Spring.


3. Purple Amethyst Cluster Ring - £350

This bold yet sophisticated cluster ring features vibrant purple amethyst, romantic pink tourmaline, and lush green peridot - set in 9ct yellow gold.


1. Sky Blue Topaz Drop Necklace - £250 

The sky blue topaz is a gorgeous gemstone to remind you of summer skies all year round. Set in solid sterling silver.

2. Citrine Drop Earrings - £250

The stunning citrine earrings perfectly represent the yellow hues of the late Spring. A beautiful complement to your evening wear. Set in solid sterling silver.

3. Rose Quartz Ring - £250

Bloom season is the season of love and rose quartz stones have long been believed to have the ability to heal heartache. This delicate ring will be a definite showstopper at any romantic occasion.

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