Gemstone Blog: Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a pale pink stone that belongs to the Quartz family, its colouring depends on the variety of the stone, with beautiful shades ranging from deeper pink to pale purple! The gemstone is also the secondary birthstone of January – in this blog we will be exploring the uses, attributes and properties associated with gorgeous Rose Quartz.
The use of Rose Quartz can be dated as far back as 7000 B.C, history also claims that women in Ancient Egypt and Rome used face masks with the gemstone to brighten their complexions. Today, Rose Quartz is used in jewellery, for meditation or as decoration inside the home. The gemstone can be source naturally in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Madagascar and India. It has a rating of 7 on the Mohs scale, making it fairly durable and perfect for elegant everyday jewellery!
Rose Quartz is best known for its romantic connotations and being the stone of unconditional love. Many believe it emits strong vibrations of joy, love and emotional healing. Although there’s no scientific evidence to support this, those believing in the power of gemstones should hold the beautiful Rose Quartz close if they need help with romance…
Classic, timeless and elegant, Rose Quartz is used in a number of pieces at Augustine Jewels, predominantly in our most popular South of France Collection. A piece of Rose Quartz jewellery would be a stunning present for a loved one - here’s a selection to browse!
This Octagon Rose Quartz ring set in Sterling Silver is one of the most popular Augustine Jewels pieces to date. From our South of France Collection, this delicate- hued pale pink cocktail ring is an exquisite accessory for any outfit.
These gorgeous Sterling Silver earrings feature an incredible Rose Quartz stone hanging from a delicate Rose Quartz Stud Earring. These beautiful earrings would add sparkle to any ensemble for a Christmas or New Year’s party.
Whether you’re drawn to Rose Quartz for its soft pink colour or its rumoured romantic healing quality, it’s undeniable that the gemstone is a beautiful choice for jewellery. This natural Rose Quartz Bangle is a simple but unique way of wearing the stone.
At Augustine Jewels, we offer a luxury bespoke service from design to sourcing beautiful gemstones to make your jewellery dreams come true. To discuss a personal piece, contact us today or book a complimentary consultation. This beautiful Cabochon Ring has a delightful Rose Quartz Stone set in Rose Gold, completed using our bespoke service.
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