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Gemstones and Infusions: Augustine Jewels & Nazani Tea

Gemstones and Infusions: Augustine Jewels & Nazani Tea

In a world where gemstones glisten with unparalleled beauty and shine, their allure goes far beyond the aesthetic. These treasures of the Earth hold an energy and power that we often overlook. It is this hidden dimension that brought us together for a spellbinding event with the enchanting Nazani Tea. Join us on a journey where the radiant gemstones and meticulously crafted tea blends intertwine, creating a symphony of flavors, colors, and energies that evoke wonder and magic.

Nestled in the heart of Notting Hill, we opened our doors to a select few, unveiling a captivating fusion of five of our most exquisite gemstones and five of Nazani Tea's carefully chosen blends.

1. London Blue Topaz and Nazani's Wild Mallow Tea (Malva Sylvestris)

We begin with a pairing that stirs the imagination. Nazani's Wild Mallow Tea, with its delicate floral notes and a mysterious ability to transition from blue to gray tones, is associated with enhancing brain health. In harmony, we introduce the London Blue Topaz, a gem known to reflect the energies of the mind with its mesmerizing blue hues, igniting creativity in those who wear it. It's a celestial match that sparks the imagination.


Gstaad Statement Ring featuring London Teal Topaz by Augustine Jewels


Gstaad Wedeln Inspired London Teal Topaz & Diamond Ring - £5000

2. Golden Topaz and Nazani's Wild Linden Tea (Tilia Euchlora)

Next, we journey into the annals of history with Nazani's Wild Linden Tea. For a millennium, it has been revered by the monks of the Sanahin monastery for its healing properties. We pair this elixir with our golden topaz gemstones, recognized for embracing nobility of spirit, elevating faith and self-worth. The result is a harmony that resonates with the tea's self-healing virtues.

Pippa Hill at Augustine Jewels and Nazani Tea Event


The wonderful Pippa Hill, also known as The Weight Loss Guru, tasting all of the different infusions! She's wearing some pieces from our Egyptian Collection!

3. Citrines, Yellow Sapphires, and Nazani's Chamomile Tea (Matricaria Recutita)

As spring breathes life into nature, we delve into the gentle floral sweetness of Nazani's Chamomile Tea. Paired with our citrines and yellow sapphires, the warm yellow tones blend seamlessly with the chamomile tea. Citrine, with its reputation for bringing success, and yellow sapphires, associated with power and grace, create a union that promises peace of mind.


Nazani Tea and Augustine Jewels

4. Fire Opal and Nazani's Wild Safflower Tea (Carthamus Tinctorius)

Journey back to ancient times with Nazani's Wild Safflower Tea, one of humanity's oldest crops. Its grassy aroma and hints of honey and caramel, crowned by a stunning golden hue, invoke a sense of history. Here, we pair it with the fire opal, a gem that symbolizes the joy of the heart, its bright, burning beauty echoing the golden tones of the brew. The result is a delightful bridge between past and present.


Nazani Tea and Augustine Jewels Fire Opal

5. Garnet, Rubies, and Nazani's Award-Winning Hibiscus Tea (Hibiscus Sabdariffa)

We conclude our magical voyage with Nazani's award-winning Hibiscus Tea. Its vibrant red hue in the cup, infused with antioxidants and fruity citrus notes, offers the perfect balance. In harmony with this enchanting tea, we introduce our beautiful garnet and rubies. Garnets, symbolizing the heart and inner fire, and rubies, holding the promise of fortune and pure passion, merge seamlessly with the hibiscus tea. Their shared deep red tones create a harmonious symphony of love and desire.

Nazani Tea and Augustine Jewels Garnets

And so, our enchanting event with Nazani Tea comes to a close, leaving you with a profound experience that unveils the intricate link between tea and gemstones, where history, energy, and beauty intertwine to create a world of wonder and enchantment.

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