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Gemstones for the Spring

Gemstones for the Spring

Spring is coming - a perfect justification for refreshing our wardrobe with some lovely pieces of jewellery!
Spring is coming, no doubt about that: if you’ve taken a walk outside in the past couple of days, you could breathe in the perfume of the approaching spring, an air buzzing with energy and the promise of the revival of nature.

Spring is a time for renewal in every sense – fashion is no exception. If there ever is a perfect opportunity for rethinking our style and the ways we want to present ourselves to others as well as to ourselves.
However, completely overturning our wardrobe is neither practical nor particularly sustainable. Fast fashion is one of the major polluters and having an entirely new set of clothing each year does little to address the problem.
A much better approach to refresh your style is to come up with a “concept” that would determine your line of dressing. For instance, you might want to go for “classy” such that every time you select your outfit for the day, you keep this adjective in mind to guide your choice of fashion items.
Or maybe, it is simply sufficient to pick some gorgeous and timeless accessories to freshen up your wardrobe and remind you of the energy of a new start.

Whichever approach you assume, you can’t go wrong with jewellery, especially if it incorporates some of the most exquisite examples of natural beauty: gemstones! As spring is knocking on our window and we’re feeling its energy spreading through our bodies, let us recommend some stunning gemstones to greet and celebrate the coming March. Who knows? Maybe these gemstones can give you that little extra boost you need to swing into action and make your plans happen!
One of our all-time favourites at Augustine Jewels, this gentle gemstone with a lovely, peachy-pinky hue is the ultimate manifestation of the freshness of the spring. A great replacement for diamonds, the popularity of this semi-precious gemstone has been on the rise in the past couple of years. Morganites can be extremely clear and have a wonderful energy thanks to the way they reflect light and break it down into lovely rose rays. Whatever budget you have to allow for your new favourite piece of spring jewellery, a gorgeous morganite gemstone is sure to suit it. Set in rose or white gold and surrounded by pavé diamonds, one can hardly go wrong with this gemstone.

Check out this morganite ring that was made bespoke by us for a private client to acquire a full appreciation for morganite jewellery:
Morganite Ring in White Gold made by Augustine Jewels Bespoke Service
Morganite Ring with Diamonds, Made Bespoke, Price on Application

The birthstone of March, the claim that aquamarine is the perfect gemstone to celebrate the coming of spring requires no special backing. The bright and crystal clear blue hue of the stone conjures up images of fresh springs, the cool of the ocean waters and the crispness of the air in the mornings in early spring. If you feel like some freshness is all you need after a long and isolated winter, aquamarine is the stone to go for! A light blue aquamarine stone set in white gold is nothing short of divine!

Take a look at an airy and sophisticatedly beautiful piece from our Arctic Collection:
Aquamarine Cocktail Ring by Augustine Jewels
Aquamarine Octagon Ring, Arctic Collection, £1,500

This bright yellow gemstone is a straightforward choice for the spring: its cheerful colour reminds one of the glimmering sunshine on a March afternoon! Thanks to its clarity, it reflects and multiplies the light that falls onto it, making it a perfect stone to lend some brightness to your outfit. Even better: since citrines are quite inexpensive and larger stones are not difficult to come by, by incorporating them into, say, a gorgeous ring, you get a very affordable statement piece for the spring. What’s not to love?

Our South of France Collection is an all-time favourite; its gentle and cheerful colours, reminding one of the pastels of the Cote d’Azur, make the Collection a perfect one for the spring. Take a look at some of its gorgeous handmade pieces featuring citrine stones:
Citrine Stud Earrings by Augustine Jewels
Citrine Stud Earrings, South of France Collection, £55
Citrine Ring by Augustine Jewels
Citrine Ring, South of France Collection, £250
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