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Introducing the Como Collection

Introducing the Como Collection

We are immensely excited to be introducing our brand-new Como Collection, inspired by the legendary Lake Como!
There are few things more exhilarating in the life of a jewellery studio than the launch of a new collection. It is the opportunity for the studio to reassert itself, to show the line of design into which it is progressing and, most importantly, to celebrate its raison d'être itself: to create timeless beauty.
Add to all these the year that we have been through – and you can imagine just how thrilled we are to announce the latest addition to the Augustine Jewels family:

Our newest collection is fittingly inspired by a beautiful gem of the Italian Alps: Lake Como of Lombardy. Just as the Lake has been the symbol of sophistication, natural beauty, colour and light for centuries, our ready-to-wear luxury jewellery collection likewise aspires to conjure up images of carefree, fragrant early summer evenings spent in a tiny, colourful Italian village by the lake, where every villa is calling forth the memory of some of the greatest artists who once spent an inspired vacation within its walls – think Hemingway, Mark Twain or Stendhal.

As the faithful followers of our ventures know, our collections at Augustine Jewels are all inspired by stunning luxury holiday destinations. When thinking up the pieces, our designers are moved by the sounds, the colours, the smells, and the cultural heritage of these destinations to create pieces that best capture the impressions they make on us. There is nothing as atmospheric, all-encompassing and symbolic as a culturally charged place laden with natural beauty. Such a destination can express a philosophy of beauty and our ideal of life itself. Therefore, a collection that conjures up images of the place that inspired it is much more than jewellery: it is a cross-cultural reference that reminds us of universal beauty, style and elegance, whenever we wear it.

Choosing Lake Como as the inspiration behind our latest collection reflects our desire to create jewellery that is extraordinarily elegant, special and exclusive, whilst remaining understated and reflecting a natural joie de vivre. Lake Como is a crystal clear, deep blue lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains, elegant promenades, and villas as well as lovely, hidden-away small Italian villages. Accordingly, we designed pieces that reflect the Lake’s purity, its many colours, romantic versatility, and understated natural elegance. The pieces of the collection – handmade without exception – are set in delicate 9ct yellow and white gold, or sterling silver, showcasing a combination of gentle, pure, gemstones that yield a striking and energizing ensemble.

The collection itself comprises three combinations of stones, each making up two pairs of earrings, a ring and a necklace. The stones are of varying size and they are set alongside one another in a slightly asymmetric fashion, embodying the most contemporary design trends.

Our most understated and subtle combination set in 9ct white gold – also available in sterling silver – showcases pink morganites, green amethysts and blue aquamarines in the necklace and the ring. The earrings feature two stunning green amethyst briolette drops either on a morganite or aquamarine stud. This delicate union of pure gemstones yields an extraordinarily fresh, springy look, perfect for elegant garden parties on balmy summer evenings as well as for elevating a busy weekday.

The next combination is more vibrant. Set in 9ct yellow gold, this combination’s ring and necklace feature striking purple amethysts, vivacious green peridots and gorgeous pink tourmalines. Its earrings are comprised of green peridot or pink tourmaline studs and purple amethyst drops. This combination represents a truly invigorating choice for a fashionable and strong woman who likes some well-deserved attention.

Finally, our third combination represents arresting and bold elegance. Its three major gemstones are gorgeous teal topaz, bright yellow citrine and vibrant green peridot – all set in 9ct yellow gold. The earrings of this combination feature teal topaz studs with either peridot or citrine drops. This strikingly beautiful and sophisticatedly stylish combination will not let any woman down even at the most elegant receptions.

We are delighted to present you with this gorgeous and daring new collection as an addition to our existing pieces. We are certainly not alone in wanting to wear them and show them off at the very earliest occasion possible! Fortunately, there is no need to wait long: the pieces are now ready to be purchased and worn. Prices start at £190.

If you have any at all enquiries concerning the Como Collection (or indeed, anything else), our contact details are as follows:
For general enquiries, email or call 020 3556 5780 during business hours to speak to a member of our team.
For bespoke enquiries, please contact Alexandra directly at
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