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Is a Pearl a Pearl?

The pearl’s natural luster has enticed both men and women alike to wear them in their jewellery for centuries.
As time moved on and science progressed, synthetic pearls became a popular, far cheaper alternative to the real thing. However, we at Augustine Jewels only use natural pearls because we believe their personality adds character to a piece (and feels so much nicer against the skin).
We’d like to share with you the ways and reasons for noticing the real thing: Teeth, Touch, Shape, Sound!
The quickest way to tell apart a natural pearl is by putting against the biting edge of your front teeth - a natural pearl will feel gritty.
Real pearls will feel cool in your hand, whatever the weather.
True pearls aren’t exactly spherical, nor are they all the same shape and size. Each pearl is unique because they each grow naturally in different conditions.
A synthetic string of pearls will have a thin, tinny sound when knocked together whereas a real string will have a softer, more comfortable sound.
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