Jewellery Pieces for Autumn

With summer soon coming to a close, it’s time to start preparing your wardrobe for autumn. The skies are looking greyer but that’s no reason for you to lose your shine. You can still look glamorous with a few more layers on. If you’re wondering how, keep reading to find out!



Autumn may be a chillier season but it’s all about warm colours. The leaves on the trees are turning from bright green to toasty reds, browns and yellows. You can dress for the season by donning some stunning gold jewellery. These bracelets will bring some brilliance and vibrancy to your autumnal look and some sparkle to those grey days.

18ct Gold Snake Bangle - £1,995


Geometric Circle Bracelet in Yellow Gold - £40


Scarves aren’t the only accessory you should be wrapping around your neck in the coming months. Long chain necklaces and textured metals are forecast to be major trends this season. Luckily, we have the perfect ones for you!


Oval Chain - £250


Curve Chain - £275


For your ears you can go for more textured golds, or perhaps a warm rose gold. Our Parisian collection features some stunning rose gold jewellery. For an elegant everyday look there are our rose gold drop earrings, and for a more glamorous look they also come with diamond pavé setting.

Oval Drop Earrings - £55


Rose Gold Drop Earring - £725


And metals aren’t the only things that come in warm colours. Our stunning citrine jewellery will bring a warm glow to your fall look.

Citrine Drop Earrings - £250


5mm Citrine Stud Earrings - £55

Alternatively, you can use your earrings as an opportunity to bring a splash of colour to those rainy September days. The drop earrings from our Como collection, available in a range of colours, will brighten up any day. Choose subtle green amethyst and aquamarine for a calm and cool look or vibrant purple amethyst and pink tourmaline if you want to make a statement.

Teal Topaz & Peridot Drop Earrings - £450

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