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July's Birthstone: Ruby - A Q&A with Alexandra

July's Birthstone: Ruby - A Q&A with Alexandra

July is here and that means only one thing…a new birthstone for a new month. This month’s beautiful birthstone is a most sought after stone, famous for it’s red colour it is of course: Ruby!

Rubies feature in a few of our designs and we’re excited to have a wonderful Ruby display in store for all of this month, do come and see it at 75 Ledbury Road, Notting Hill, W11 2AG.

We’re sticking to our monthly tradition of Q&As with Alexandra and this month we’re asking her all about Rubies:

Can you tell me what a ‘ruby’ actually is?

Yes of course! A ruby is actually a variety of the mineral corundum, otherwise known as Aluminium Oxide, which has traces of Chromium. Did you know that blue sapphire is also a variety of corundum?

Ruby Heirloom Necklace - £5000

The most beautiful ruby pendant, set in 18ct white gold. The unique bespoke design holds 6 exquisite oval rubies surrounded by sparkling white diamonds.

What gives rubies their deep red colour?

Interestingly, the presence of chromium is what causes the ruby’s red colour, the more chromium, the stronger the red colour. Chromium can also cause fluorescence, which adds to the intensity of the red colour.

Portofino inspired Spiral Ruby Earrings - £295

What factors make a Ruby more or less expensive?

Good question! Like a lot of stones, the value of a ruby is determined by a combination of the colour, cut, clarity and carat weight. However, with rubies the most important factor in determining their cost is colour, with Pigeon Blood rubies being the most sought after!

Ruby, Pink Sapphire and Diamond Flower Earrings - £1,200

What is a “Pigeon Blood” Ruby?

This is a specific term referring to one of the most sought after colours of ruby. “Pigeon Blood” rubies display strongly saturated vivid red hues. You can also source an alternative in red tourmaline (rubellite) which is a similar colour.

Rubellite and Diamond Ring - £5000

What is the most expensive Ruby in existence?

That would be the Estrela de Fura also known as the Star of Fura. The ruby sold for a record US$34.8 million at auction just last month! It was originally mined in Mozambique, which is now one of the world’s most productive ruby-mining countries. The ruby is so rare due to its high quality across all 4Cs (clarity, cut, colour and carat weight).

Portofino inspired Spiral Ruby Necklace - £295

Which piece of Augustine Jewels Ruby jewellery is your favourite?

We’ve used ruby in a lot of our bespoke designs as well as a few of our ready to wear collections, but I think my favourite piece would have to be these bespoke earrings!

I love the combination of unheated rubies from the Mogok mines with the sparkle of the diamonds!

Ruby & Diamond Earrings - Price on application

Our Bespoke Service places the client at the heart of the design process, meaning they’re there for every stage in the creation of their beautiful bespoke piece!

We hope you found this Q&A helpful! Please do shop our Ruby Jewellery here, they're a wonderful gift for someone who's birthday falls in July!

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