June Birthstone: Pearl

Happy first day of June - it finally feels like summer! June birthdays claim Pearl as their Birthstone and, as we know, pearls are a woman's best friend.


This enchanting gemstone originates from water - lakes, seas, and oceans from all around the world. It is the only organic gemstone ever found on the planet and its value is contingent upon its size, hue, weight, and shape. Due to its white colour, pearl is associated with purity, innocence, and femininity. Some believe that pearls convey love, luck, and peace and bless new life beginnings. No wonder they have become a popular wedding accessory! However, pearls also come in a range of colours, including purple, black, pink, green, chocolate, and blue. What contributes to the colour of a pearl is the thickness of nacre - the substance that evokes the iridescent effect, as well as the type of oyster the gemstone comes from.


At Augustine Jewels, we have a whole collection dedicated to pearls - the Pearl CollectionInspired by the Al Thani Exhibition of antique pearl jewellery at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the natural beauty of Marrakesh, this collection constitutes exquisite combinations of natural gemstones and precious metals. Here are some of our favourite pieces...


1. White Gold Pearl Drop Earrings - £450

These delicate 9ct white gold earrings are the newest addition to the collection.


2. Spinel & Pearl Tassel Necklace - £695

This statement necklace features a bold black spinel gemstone and strings of delicate pearls - an instant upgrade to any outfit.


3. White Gold Pearl Bracelet - £450

This elegant bracelet features 6 freshwater pearls on a 9ct white gold chain. A beautiful addition to a summer outfit.

4. Pearl Stud Earrings - £50

These classic pearl earrings are an absolute must-have in every woman's wardrobe. The silver studs come in two sizes to suit all tastes - 6mm or 10mm.


For enquiries about our pearls, email info@augustinejewels.com or call 020 3556 5780 during business hours to speak to a member of our team.

And for all your bespoke pearl jewellery needs, contact designer Alexandra directly at alexandra@augustinejewels.com.

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