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Jewellery for Chinese New Year 2020

Jewellery for Chinese New Year 2020

The Chinese New Year will be celebrated this year on January 25th. It will be the year of the rat, meaning it is a year of renewal. Several traditions are celebrated on this occasion including the decoration of streets and buildings in red. This colour is a symbol of prosperity, happiness and luck.
One and a half billion people on earth celebrate the passage of the Chinese New Year. This year get ready to celebrate with some red jewellery for good luck and gold jewellery for wealth. Take a look at our ideas below!

Garnet Heart Necklace in silver, £120

Bespoke Rubellite & Diamond Ring in white gold, POA

Pink Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond bracelet in white gold, £680

Diamond Hoop Earrings in yellow gold, £395

Egyptian Curve Chain in gold plated silver, £300

Geometric Ring in yellow gold plated silver, £150

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