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November Birthstone: Citrine

November Birthstone: Citrine

Do you believe in the power of Birthstones? If you were born in November, your Birthstone is Citrine! Read this blog to find out more about this beautiful stone.
Those born in November are lucky enough to have two birthstones to choose from! Topaz is the first, with Citrine as the second. Long ago, astrologers believed that the wearing of birthstones is thought to bring good luck and protection. In this blog, we will explore the attributes and properties associated with sunny Citrine.

The name Citrine is derived from the Latin word ‘citrina’, due to its beautiful pale yellow hues. Brazil is the largest supplier of Citrine, along with Madagascar and Spain. The stone is rated 7 on the Mohs scale, making it fairly strong and good for everyday wearing. From the beginning of its discovery, it was nicknamed the ‘sun stone’ and it was thought to be capable of holding sunlight. Wearing of Citrine was strongly associated with success in wealth, or brightening the energy of those that wear it, along with helping depression and relieving backache. As we enter the darker winter months, Citrine would be perfect to help lighten the coming days! The warm yellow colour and orange tones of Citrine are complemented by gold, for a more subtle look the stone could be combined with yellow to green stones.

1. Teal Topaz & Citrine Gold Drop Earrings - £450
This gorgeous pair of earrings from the Como collection feature both of the November birthstones, Citrine and Topaz. The stunning combination of teal and citrus colours create a classic look, set in 9ct yellow gold.

2. Octagon Gold Pendant in Garnet & Citrine - £650

For a more regal, bold look, Citrine could be paired with a rich red colour such as Garnet. This combination can be seen in our Andalusian Collection, in the octagon gold pendant in Garnet and Citrine. This stunning 9ct gold pendant from the Andalusian collection has a vibrant combination of red Garnet and orange Citrine in gorgeous octagon cuts. This ensemble was inspired by the fiery flamenco colour palette, a beautiful piece of jewellery for anyone missing the summer atmosphere of Spain.

3. Citrine Pendant - £95

Although, this stone speaks for itself in a stand alone piece such as the Citrine pendant from our South of France Collection. This could be the perfect Christmas gift for a friend or family member longing for the sun and sand. The Citrine pendant is a delicate silver necklace supporting an exquisite Citrine stone. Perfect for everyday wear or as an understated accessory on special occasions.

4. Octagon Gold Ring in Citrine & Smoky Quartz - £650

The final combination of this blog is an exquisite octagon-cut yellow Citrine flanked by a baguette cut smoky quartz. This stunning ring pays homage to the warm golden hues of Seville’s palaces. A perfect birthday or Christmas gift for anyone that would love the colours of the musky heat of summer in Spain.

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