Red gemstones for Valentines

Red is the predominant colour on St. Valentine’s Day - red roses, red hearts, red packaging. But why is this colour so fascinating to us and why does it symbolize love?

In the past, red was used to represent intense emotions ranging from passion and love, to anger and violence. Therefore, red became the colour both of Cupid and the Devil. With the passing of time, this colour kept its trait of representing something intense and powerful. For this reason, depending on the culture, it embodies courage, joy, prosperity and, of course, love. For St. Valentine’s Day, red is used to symbolize the passion and intriguing force of love.

From a psychological point of view, wearing a touch of red actually increases one’s perceived attractiveness. For this reason, many women wear red accessories, lipstick, and of course, jewels! Red gemstones are believed to increase enthusiasm and interest, boost energy, create confidence, and offer protection from fears and anxieties.

Model wearing Ostrich feather earrings - Heart and Ostrich collection


At Augustine Jewels, we love working with red gemstones, particularly in the run-up to St Valentine’s Day. Ruby of course is the first gemstone to pop up in mind because of its name, which comes from the Latin ruber (red), a hue that appears due to the presence of chromium in the stone. Ruby is a pink to blood-red colored gemstone and you can find it mainly used in our own Spring , Cotswold and Heirloom collections.


Model wearing Heart earrings- Heart and Ostrich collection


But of course, there are many other brilliant options for red stones you could gift - or wear - on St Valentine’s Day (or every day!). We personally love garnet and spinel. Red garnet is a precious stone consisting of a deep red vitreous silicate mineral. Usually pinker than rubies, garnets are symbols of energy and serenity. They have been used since the Bronze age, and even adorned pharaohs of ancient Egypt. This proves their extraordinary beauty! Red garnets are the star of our Heart and Ostrich collection, and our limited edition Valentine’s Heart Necklaces feature a stunning 1cm heart shaped garnet.

Valentine's heart necklace - garnet on a delicate silver chain


Lastly, spinel is well known for its deep red variety that closely resembles ruby. Surprisingly, in the past there was no distinction made between the two. Nowadays, even though this gemstone can be used as a more affordable substitute for ruby, fine red spinel is actually rarer than ruby of equal colour. This surprising peculiarity fascinates those who are gifted with this undervalued gemstone.

St. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and our jewellery with captivating red gemstones is waiting for you. It doesn’t matter if it symbolizes love for your partner or self-love, we believe in the power of intense emotions and the beauty and symbolism of red gemstones - what more reason do you need?

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