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August Birthstone: Peridot

August Birthstone: Peridot

Peridot is the traditional gemstone for August. In this blog, we talk about the meanings of Peridot and guide you through our favourite Peridot pieces!

August birthdays claim Peridot - an olive or bottle green coloured gemstone - as their Birthstone. Peridot can be found in lava flows and volcanic rocks, which are also referred to as basalts, but also in meteorites, which have descended onto the earth from outer space. These meteorites are known as pallasites. The extraterrestrial character of the stone is captured in the bright, almost magical olive and yellow green colour it exudes. As a matter of fact, the colour shift is caused by a chemical composition of iron and magnesium. The deeper the green, the less the amount of iron that is present. Peridot is sometimes referred to as Chrysolite or Olivine.

Often given in celebration of the 16th year of marriage, Peridot is believed to signify compassion and evoke eloquence and creativity. It is also associated with the idea of renewal thus bringing peace to the relationship, establishing emotional balance, and resetting a healthy sleeping pattern.

At Augustine Jewels, we love creating pieces that feature beautiful Peridot. Let's look at some examples of our work.


Inspired by the lush flora of Lake Como, Italy in late Spring, our latest Como Collection encompasses energising ensembles of natural coloured gemstones, including Peridot, set in gold and silver.

1. Purple Amethyst & Peridot Gold Drop Earrings - £450

If you prefer bolder colour combinations, these earrings are a perfect choice for you! Featuring purple amethyst briolettes with vibrant peridot studs, set in 9ct yellow gold.

2. Purple Amethyst Gold Cluster Ring - £350

To complement the earrings, this beautiful 9ct yellow gold ring features deep purple amethyst with fresh green peridot and pretty pink tourmaline. Matching necklace available.

3. Teal Topaz & Peridot Gold Drop Earrings - £450

This gorgeous pair of 9ct yellow gold earrings showcases vibrant peridot briolettes with sparkling teal topaz studs.

4. Teal Topaz Gold Cluster Necklace - £350

This is another teal topaz & peridot piece from the Como Collection. The necklace showcases cool teal topaz with sunny citrine and striking peridot, set in 9ct yellow gold. Matching ring available.


At Augustine Jewels, we pride ourselves on providing a luxury bespoke jewellery service from design to packaging, creating exquisite hand-drawn designs and sourcing the most beautiful gemstones. Browse our range featuring Peridot for some design inspiration, then get in touch with us to begin your bespoke journey!

1. Peridot & Diamond Engagement Ring - Price on Application

2. Peridot Diamond Ring - Price on Application

3. Peridot Signet Ring - Price on Application

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