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The Best Jewellery To Wear On Your Next Vacation

The Best Jewellery To Wear On Your Next Vacation

Ready to travel again? Discover our exclusive range of fine jewellery pieces to complement your favourite summer vacation outfits!

Travel excitement is finally warming up as travel restrictions are being lifted. Year by year, jewellery seems to acquire more and more attention, becoming the star of a whole outfit - so no doubt you will need some vacation-worthy jewellery to match the occasion. Whether you opt for a local family getaway, a staycation at your friends' summer house or a long-awaited trip to Southern Spain, let's take a look at some of our pieces that will help you glam up any vacation look instantly!


1. Curve Bracelet - £80

This statement bracelet from our Egyptian Collection livens up any summer outfit! Listed as one of the biggest 2021 Summer trends, gold vermeil is a perfect affordable alternative to gold.

2. Rose Quartz Bracelet - £95

This bracelet is the perfect option for those looking for a delicate piece to complement their floral sundress. The simple design allows the exquisite rose quartz stone to be the centre of attention. Also available in green amethyst, sky blue topaz, citrine, and smoky quartz.


1. Purple Amethyst Gold Cluster Ring - £350

Summer is all about bright bursts of colour - and this ring is the perfect accessory for this case. Inspired by the lush flora around Lake Como, it features a unique combination of purple amethyst, green peridot, and pink tourmaline.

2. Silver Snake Ring - £595

If you prefer more muted tones and colours, this ring from the Sahara Snakes Collection would be the right choice for you. The head features a natural black spinel wrapped in white diamonds, and the elegant body wraps thrice around the finger.


1. Green Amethyst & Morganite Drop Earrings - £270

This pair of drop earrings feature another summery yet more muted combination of gemstones: calming green amethyst and sparking morganite. Set in 9ct white gold or silver.

2. Emerald Stud Earrings - £350

Emerald carries the rich green colour of summer and radiates a stunning vivid hue - a truly glamorous choice of accessory for a beachside dinner party!


1. Sky Blue Topaz Drop Necklace - £250

This stunning blue topaz is one of our clients' go-to gemstones! The gorgeous sparkly blue colour reflects the beauty of summer skies perfectly.

2. Yellow Gold Mini Drop Necklace - £300

Inspired by the picturesque scenery of summer in Paris, this pretty and delicate 18ct yellow gold necklace will add elegance to any outfit. Perfect for a quick city break in the month of August.

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