Gemstone Colour Guide: White, Purple, and Green

It is believed the colour of the gemstone creates a spiritual connection between the gemstone and its wearer. Thus, it is often advised to organise your gemstone pieces by colour as it helps not only better visualise your collection but also understand how different colours can impact your perception and relationship with a particular gemstone. In our previous Gemstone Colour Guide, we talked about the colours yellow, pink, and blue. This time, let's explore the colour symbolism associated with the colours white, purple, and green!

White stones are thought to amplify the vibrations of other stones and crystals, as they possess all the colours. White gems symbolise innocence and purity, acting as a light in the darkness.

These elegant studs from the South of France Collection look beautiful for special occasions or day-to-day wear. Available in 5mm for £55.
This exquisite pair of diamond earrings are sparkly enough to make a statement in the evenings, with a design understated enough for everyday wear. Matching necklace available.
Purple gemstones are believed to signify wisdom and astuteness, as well as bring good fortune and spiritual insight.

This intricate necklace features a vibrant combination of deep purple amethyst with fresh green peridot and pretty pink tourmaline.
2. Pink Tourmaline Halo Bespoke Ring - Price on Application
Albeit named pink, the gorgeous 10ct tourmaline on this bespoke ring exhibits a color shift from pink to purple depending on the lighting. It also features the rows of sparkling white diamonds highlighting it beautifully. Designed through our bespoke service.
Green hues in gems mainly appear due to the traces of chromium and vanadium or iron. Green stones correspond to the heart chakra, prosperity, and nature and are majorly worn to attract good luck, specifically around wealth and abundance.

This beautiful ring is undoubtedly one of our clients' favourite pieces. Green amethyst is such a pretty pastel colour, but has a touch of mystery and depth that complements any evening ensemble. Also available in 9ct white gold and 18ct white gold.
This delicate piece showcases a simple but uniquely beautiful spiral design that hugs a natural emerald.

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