Can you tell the difference between a Kyanite and a Tanzanite?

We thought we'd challenge the friends of Augustine Jewels to see if you can tell the difference between a Kyanite and one of December's birthstones, a Tanzanite!

Made through our bespoke service, this ring makes use of one of these stones. Take a guess in the comments before reading on to see if you can figure out which gemstone is used in this stunning bespoke ring!

Before we reveal the answer, we thought we'd highlight why these two stones are so hard to tell apart. Similar in colour and transparency, there aren't many ways to tell which is which. One of the only real visual differences between a Tanzanite and a Kyanite is that Tanzanites tend to be a paler shade of blue. They also tend to have more of a violet undertone.

Bespoke Kyanite Ring - Price varies depending on stone

Therefore this means that the gemstone used in the ring above is a Kyanite and not a Tanzanite. However, we want to give you all a bit more information on the beautiful Tanzanite stone. Did you know that this stone is found in only one country, Tanzania, hence the name Tanzanite. As well as being one of the birthstones for December, Tanzanite is also the stone associated with the 24th wedding anniversary!

We'd love to work with a Tanzanite in the future, or produce another Kyanite ring like the one above. If you're considering walking into the new year with a brand new confidence-boosting ring, why not consider our bespoke service? You can book a consultation here! We're more than happy to help you through the design process so you find the perfect ring for you!



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