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15 Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles

15 Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Engagement rings are a timeless symbol of love and commitment, so it’s no wonder couples put so much thought into choosing the perfect ring. But with so many styles to choose from, finding one can be overwhelming. Fear not, lovebirds! Augustine Jewels is here to help you pick the perfect engagement ring.

Examples of Augustine Jewels Engagement Rings

Here are 15 of the most popular engagement ring styles that are sure to guarantee your partner’s heart:

1. Solitaire

Let's start with the classic solitaire. Simple, elegant, and timeless — this engagement ring style is the ultimate symbol of a romantic commitment. It features a single, eye-catching diamond, usually round or princess cut, set atop a minimalist band typically made of gold, silver, or platinum. Its simplicity gives it a timeless feel that will never go out of style.

2. Halo

A halo setting takes the classic solitaire to a whole new level of glamour. A center stone is encircled by smaller diamonds called “halos,” creating the optical illusion of an even larger diamond in the middle. The result? A ring with a dazzling sparkle that’s sure to make your partner swoon.

3. Pavé:

Pavé settings, which feature tiny diamonds set close together in a band to create a shimmering effect all over the ring, are perfect for those who want an extra bit of sparkle on their finger. Whether you opt for a single pavé band or an eye-catching combination of stones and pavé, your partner will love this dazzling style.

4. Three-Stone

This romantic style is the perfect way to show your partner you are in it for the long haul. A three-stone engagement ring consists of three diamonds, one larger stone in the middle, and two smaller stones on each side, symbolising your relationship's past, present, and future.

5. Vintage

If you want your engagement ring to stand out from the crowd, then consider a vintage-inspired style. From classic Art Deco designs to intricate Victorian details, this look adds a touch of timeless beauty and romance with its unique aesthetic. Perfect for the partner who loves all things vintage-inspired.

6. Split Shank

As its name suggests, this style features two bands split in the middle and joined together at the center stone. It’s a great way to add a bit of visual interest to your ring, especially if you opt for a more intricate design with smaller stones on the split bands.

7. Cathedral

This elegant style is defined by the arches of metal that rise up from each side of the center stone, giving it an almost cathedral-like feel. It’s perfect for those who want to add an air of sophistication and elegance to traditional solitaire.

8. Bezel

The bezel setting is a great way to add sparkle to your engagement ring without compromising security. This is because the stone is set in a metal border or “bezel” that wraps around the edges of the diamond for maximum protection and durability.

9. Twisted

For a truly unique look, consider the twisted shank engagement ring. This style has a band that has been twisted to create an eye-catching pattern in the metal. It’s perfect for lovers of modern styles who want something a little different than the traditional options.

10. Cluster

A cluster setting features a group of smaller stones clustered together to create the look of one larger diamond. It’s an ideal choice if you’re looking for something with the sparkle and look of a larger diamond without breaking the bank.

11. Marquise

This elegant style highlights an elongated diamond in the shape of a marquise cut with a unique and eye-catching sparkle. What makes it even better is that the elongated shape also helps to make fingers appear longer and slimmer.

12. Channel

A less common but equally impressive style, the channel setting features multiple stones set side by side in two parallel metal grooves. In this setting, the stones are held securely in place, creating a uniform and continuous sparkle down the band.

13. Side Stone

Side stone settings feature a center diamond with smaller stones accenting it on the sides. This style is perfect for those who want to add color and character to their engagement ring, as you can choose different colors and cut stones for a dazzling look.

14. Bar Set

Bar set engagement rings are all the rage right now! This unique style features the center diamond set between two slim metal bars, giving the illusion that the diamond is “floating” in the ring. Depending on your chosen design, this modern look can be subtle and striking.

15. Gypsy

Lastly, the gypsy setting is perfect for those who want their engagement ring to stand out. This style features a center stone set deep in its setting, giving it an almost 3D effect. For added drama, you can encrust the band with smaller stones for extra sparkle.


While there are many engagement ring styles to choose from, these fifteen popular choices can help you narrow down your selection. Whether your partner prefers timeless engagement ring trends or something more modern and unique, Augustine Jewels has a style that will surely capture your partner’s heart.

As a final tip, keep in mind that no matter which one you go for, your partner will surely be over the moon with your pick! So let the search begin and find the engagement ring that will make them say “yes”! Happy shopping!

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