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June's Birthstone: Pearl - A Q&A with Alexandra

June's Birthstone: Pearl - A Q&A with Alexandra

June is here and with it comes a new birthstone: Pearl! We’re very excited about the new window display in our Notting Hill shop, it features an array of stunning pearls as well as our beautiful ‘ready to wear’ gemstone collections.

Our Pearl Collection is full of unique designs and combines the elegance of pearls with natural gems and precious metals to achieve exquisite pieces of jewellery. Do click here to shop our Pearl Collection.

Following our monthly tradition of Q&As with Alexandra, we hope you enjoy the questions and answers below on pearls:

So Alexandra, can you tell me what a ‘pearl’ actually is?

Yes I certainly can! A ‘pearl’ is a hard object produced in the soft tissue of a shelled mollusk. The pearl forms as a result of a microscopic irritant found in the bodies of mollusks. The mollusk reacts by secreting nacre around the irritant!

Pearl & Diamond White Gold Drop Earrings

White Gold Pearl & Diamond Drop Earrings - £900

Why not add some sparkle to your earring collection with these dazzling White Gold Pearl & Diamond Drop Earrings.

What gives pearls their shimmer and shine?

Pearls are almost always nacreous or iridescent. This unique shimmer is caused by the material mollusks secrete, nacre, also known as mother of pearl. Nacre is a composite made up of mainly Calcium Carbonate.

Double Pearl Silver Bangle

Double Pearl Silver Bangle - £350

Featuring beautiful freshwater pearls and set in sterling silver, our Double Pearl Silver Bangle is a timeless piece. Suitable for any occasion, this bangle will truly add sophistication!

What factors make a pearl more or less expensive?

Good question! Typically, a pearl’s value is determined by a combination of the lustre, colour, size, lack of flaws and symmetry. Some of the most expensive pearls are South Sea pearls, which are significantly more expensive than Freshwater pearls.

Spinel & Pearl Tassel Necklace

Spinel & Pearl Tassel Necklace - £695

Our Pearl Collection features beautiful pearls alongside other exquisite gemstones. One of our favourite examples of this from the collection is our flowing Spinel & Pearl Tassel Necklace!

What is the difference between Natural and Cultured pearls?

Natural pearls form organically when the mollusk reacts to a microscopic irritant in their body. Cultured pearls are the result of the deliberate insertion of a bead or piece of tissue that the mollusk coats with nacre.

Yellow Gold Diamond & Pearl Drop Earrings

18ct White Gold Pearl & Diamond Drop Earrings - £900

Featuring exquisite South Sea Pearls, this pair of Yellow Gold Pearl & Diamond Drop Earrings really are something special! They would make a perfect gift for someone whose birthday falls in June.

What is the most expensive Pearl?

Some of the most expensive pearls are cultivated near Tahiti, hence their name Tahitian Pearls. They have a distinct black colour because they come from the Black Lip Oyster.

Pearl Stud Earrings

Pearl Stud Earrings. Available 6mm (£75) 10mm (£175) or with Tahitian Pearls upon request

A timeless staple, the Pearl Stud Earring! What more could you want than an elegant Pearl with a Sterling Silver post, the definition of pure beauty!

Which piece of Augustine Jewels Pearl jewellery is your favourite?

We’re actually currently working on a really interesting pearl necklace that features a Pink Sapphire as well as Blue and Green Aquamarine gemstones. I have to say designing this with the team was really good fun!

Bespoke Pearl and Gemstone Necklace

Click here to Learn more about our Bespoke Service

This statement Pearl & Gemstone necklace was designed through our Bespoke Service.

Our Bespoke Service places the client at the heart of the design process, meaning they’re there for every stage in the creation of their beautiful bespoke piece!

We hope you found this Q&A helpful! Please do shop our Pearl Jewellery here, they're a wonderful gift for someone who's birthday falls in June!

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