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Engagement Rings: 5 alternatives to a Diamond

Posted by Alexandra Robson on September 30, 2017 0 Comments


"I'm fascinated with diamonds. When I put them on my hands shake."
-Debra Messing 
Many believe that diamonds are a girl's best friend...but is this really true? Is there room for another gem in a girl's life? Can one propose with anything other than a diamond? We at Augustine Jewels would like to suggest a few alternatives...
Morganite is our favorite stone here at Augustine Jewels. Named after the American Financier in the early 20’s, the pink gem would be a blushing diamond for the blushing bride.
Topaz is found in a whole rainbow of colour but white topaz is a sneaky substitute, if you'd like something resembling a diamond but a little different. Topaz is November's birthstone... an interesting suggestion, no? To propose with a birthstone...
Citrine is a sexy alternative to the yellow diamond. The fiery yellow tones of the stone woo any light that touches it. Citrine is especially gorgeous on hands with a slightly darker tan.
The ruby has long been seen as a symbol of passion, love and courage because of its vibrant red tone. Many women throughout history have opted for rubies, in part because legend has it that they are hardened fire with the power to inspire desire... 
The sapphire engagement ring was once a favourite as it was said that the blue colour would fade if the wearer was impure or unfaithful. Nowadays women wear the sapphire for it's exceptional beauty.
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