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How To Pick Gemstones For Your Bespoke Pieces

How To Pick Gemstones For Your Bespoke Pieces

Your ultimate guide to choosing the perfect gemstone for you. A post to read if you're considering your next bespoke piece!

A precious gemstone is a timeless and safe investment. We pride ourselves on our expertise in gemstones to help you create the bespoke jewellery piece you have always dreamt of. Our expert team hand-selects each gemstone with great care and passion, providing an exclusive service from design to packaging. But how do you decide which gemstone to go for? Here is our guide to selecting the right gemstone for your bespoke jewellery piece.


People often choose jewellery based on their colour of preference: what colour combinations they are comfortable with, what matches their wardrobe, or what suits their skin tone. One thing is certain: you cannot go wrong with neutral coloured pieces that can complement every look, be it a Saturday brunch or a gala dinner - perhaps with white diamonds or soft pastel coloured stones like morganite and aquamarine. Or, if you want your jewellery to be the centre of attention, opt for bold or deep colours with green emeralds, red rubies, and more.

1. Diamond – the most romanticised stone of the past century. White diamonds are a traditional choice for engagement rings, and the stunning piece pictured below was no exception!
2. Morganite – the pink-hued sibling of emerald and aquamarine and a lovely modern alternative to traditional diamonds. This unusual ring was designed for a client of ours and features bright blue sapphire side stones to add a fun and bold twist.
3. Emerald - a beautiful and valuable green stone is sure to get you noticed. The piece below was created as an engagement ring and the bride-to-be couldn't help but say yes to the gorgeous diamond surrounded by carefully hand-cut Brazilian emeralds.


Alternatively, you might like to pick a gemstone based on something more symbolic, such as your birth month, or the birth month of someone close to you. The origin of the concept of birthstones dates back to biblical times. It is believed that the twelve gemstones of the breastplate of Aaron stood for the twelve signs of the zodiac, offering the wearer exceptional powers in the course of the corresponding astrological period. It has now become a much more secular habit to wear a birthstone as a lucky charm or a therapeutic amulet. Read our guide to birthstones here.

1. Tourmaline – the October birthstone. Tourmaline exists in a whole rainbow of colours, from bright pink like this ring to deep green and electric blue.
2. Aquamarine – the March birthstone. The 'stone of the sea' has long been believed to have calming properties, and occurs in a range of blue-green hues.
3. Ruby – July. One of the world's most valuable gemstones, ruby is also symbolic of the 40th wedding anniversary, which is the occasion that these beautiful bespoke earrings were created to celebrate.

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Whether you have a special design in mind, are looking to invest into a valuable gemstone or simply interested in getting your own bespoke jewellery designed by us, we are here to help. Please contact our head designer, Alexandra, at or DM us on Instagram @augustinejewels - we would love to work on a piece for you!⁠

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