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Emerald May Birthstone Jewellery | Augustine Jewels

May Recommendations: Emerald

Emerald is the traditional gemstone for May. In this blog, we talk about the meanings of the stone and guide you through our emerald pieces!

Welcome to May: new month, new energy, new goals, new adventures, and…new gemstone! In our last guide on How to Choose Gemstones, we mentioned how it is often the case that people pick a gemstone based on their birth month or the birth month of their loves ones. If you are born in May – Emerald is your birthstone!

The name ‘emerald’ is derived from the Greek language and means, quite literally, the colour green. The stone is believed to grant its wearer foresight, youth, and good fortune, as well as hope and wealth.

At Augustine Jewels, we specialise in bespoke pieces, and emerald is one of the most popular gemstone choices among our clients. This emerald bespoke necklace below was created as a gift for a lovely lady with a May birthday and featured two gorgeous emeralds in a delicate drop design.

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For ready-to-wear emerald jewellery, explore our beautiful Portofino Collection, inspired by the pastel-coloured houses of the west coast of Italy. The vibrant combination of yellow-gold and emerald looks stunning on all skin tones.

This beautiful yellow gold-plated necklace design perfectly complements the beauty of a natural emerald. Goes perfectly as a statement piece to elevate your look.
These delicate earrings are a 4mm round cut natural emerald placed in the middle of a spiral made of solid sterling silver with yellow gold plate. A gorgeous addition to your gemstone jewellery collection.

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