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Jewellery Trends for 2021

Jewellery Trends for 2021

2021: the year of the return of joie de vivre, of the arts and with all that, one of the most intimate manifestation of both: fashion! 
2021: the year of the return of joie de vivre, of the arts and with all that, one of the most intimate manifestation of both: fashion. Still sadly in the middle of the pandemic, we can gain some hope and even excitement by looking ahead a little and explore the most promising fashion trends of 2021 and their effect on jewellery trends.
Whilst 2020 was the year of isolation, there is an encouragingly good chance that at some point in 2021 we will be able to return to a full and satisfying social life. It is no surprise, then, that this sense of celebration will be reflected in fashion trends for the year to come: bold colours and designs will dominate not only the (still virtual) catwalks but also the streets. Many of us had ample time to contemplate what we expect of our near future and it is no surprise that this should be echoed in the freshness of our personal style, too.
Right now, face masks are still a must of our everyday wardrobes. So much the better for jewellery! Glamorous earrings never before had such a chance to stand out and enchant their beholders. Gold and bold earrings are go-to items in the early months of 2021. Check out Augustine Jewels’ luxury earrings, fashionably handmade in London, that can shake up your appearance even on dark and face masky days of January and February:
Yellow Gold Plate Aztec Earrings, Aztec Collection, £150
Yellow Gold Diamond Pavé Drop Earrings, Parisian Collection, £1200
Yellow Gold Ruby Spiral Earrings, Portofino Collection, £345
Once spring has come with its new surge of hope and joy, it is time to go for even bolder colours and designs. This is the time to show off your bespoke jewellery, designed personally for you to express your character and style to an extent that is just not possible with a ready-to-wear piece. Some of our most popular bespoke pieces, handmade and designed in our London fashion studio include:
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Augustine Jewels with your bespoke enquiries by using the form on the website or messaging us on one of our social media accounts – to do so, you just have to follow @augustinejewels on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This is a particularly good move if you don’t want to miss out on our special deals and offers specifically for our social media followers!
Finally, 2021 shall be the return of another thing none of us can wait: travel. To experience new atmospheres, to explore cultural heritages and geographical delights of faraway countries… We, at Augustine Jewels, can truly see the appeal which is why we have a great number of our exquisite jewellery collections are inspired by luxury travel destinations, such as the hot dunes of the Sahara, the glistening sea of the South of France or the romantic and artistic small Italian fishing village of Portofino. Travel is awaiting – until then, why not transport yourself to your favourite destination with some of our stunning pieces of jewellery such as:
Yellow Gold Sky Blue Topaz Ring, South of France Collection, £300
18ct Gold Snake Bangle, Sahara Snakes Collection, £1,995

Rose Gold Morganite Spiral Pendant, Portofino Collection, £195

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