August - Peridot, Sardonyx and Spinel

Peridot, Sardonyx and Spinel are the birthstones to celebrate the month of August. With three such contrasting gems, in both appearance and properties, those with an August birthday have many options to choose from when selecting their ideal birthstone gift.
The peridot is renowned for being formed in extreme conditions and can be found in lava flows and volcanic rocks known as basalts. Some peridot has also been located in meteorites which have descended onto the earth from outer space, however these pieces are extremely rare and unlikely to be seen in retail jewellery. The gemstone is composed of the mineral olivine, found in the earth’s upper mantle. It is typically seen in yellow-green hues, caused by its chemical composition of iron and magnesium.

Peridot is commonly associated with light and was known as the ‘gem of the sun’ by ancient Egyptians. Historically, due to this association, many people wore it to protect themselves from the ‘terrors of the night’.
The gemstone is also used to celebrate 15th wedding anniversaries. Explore our collection of peridot bespoke pieces below:

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Sardonyx is the most ancient of the three August birthstones. Composed of a combination of sard and onyx, it is found with a unique striped banding of orange, red and white hues, making it an eye-catching addition to a piece of jewellery.

Historically, the gemstone was popular for Roman seals and signet rings as the wax used did not stick to it. It was also worn by Roman soldiers in battle, for protection. Today it is associated with courage and happiness.
Readily available and relatively inexpensive, sardonyx is the perfect gemstone for creating a striking piece of jewellery for summer!
Often confused with other gemstones due to similarities in colour and general appearance, spinel wasn’t recognised as a jewel of its own until more recently than most others. Some of the most famous rubies in history have turned out to be spinel. However, a distinct difference between the two is the relatively lower Mohs hardness of spinel.

The gemstone comes in a variety of colours such as red, blue, black, pink and purple. However, the most sought-after colour in retail jewellery is vivid red. In addition, spinel stones with fewer inclusions on their surface are also more valuable.

Here are some examples of pieces from our Sahara Snake Collection, featuring black spinel. Inspired by the natural curves of the Saharan sand dunes, the collection demonstrates true elegance. Discover more from our collection here.

Here are some examples of our Spinel pieces from our Pearl Collection:




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