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The Journey of the Pearl

The Journey of the Pearl

Unlike any other gemstones, pearls are very unique in the way they are created within nature. Most gemstones form through exertion to a high pressure and temperature environment, whereby minerals in the rocks are compressed to form beautiful crystals. However, pearls begin their journey inside the body of live molluscs, commonly marine oysters and mussels.

The organisms create the pearls as a mechanism of natural defence against irritants such as parasites entering their shells. On entry into the shell, the irritant becomes encased by nacre, a material secreted by the organism. This is often referred to as ‘mother of pearl’. Nacre can form naturally around almost any irritant which enters the shell, hence there is a huge variety of unique pearls available today in the jewellery world.

The most common pearls come in shades of white and cream. However, some can also be found in black, grey and silver tones. The main colour of commercial pearls can then be modified through the addition of overtones to create other colours such as pink, green and purple.
Pearls have been a sought-after gemstone for centuries and have historically been a symbol of wealth and status. Middle-eastern Ancients believed they were teardrops descended from heaven, whilst the Chinese alleged that the gemstones came from the brain of a dragon.
As the June birthstone with a strong, modern association with purity and innocence, these gemstones are the perfect gift. Explore our stunning Pearl Collection here.

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