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Valentine's Day Gemstones

Valentine's Day Gemstones

Click to read about beautiful gemstones and their association to Valentine's Day!
Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Whether you’ll be going out for a romantic date night or having a relaxing evening in, learning about beautiful gemstones adds a sparkle to your plans!

Pink Tourmaline
Pink Tourmaline is a beautiful stone and used in many of our bespoke pieces. However, the gemstone was difficult to identify and was mistaken for Rubies for hundreds of years. Pink Tourmaline is strongly linked to Valentine’s Day as it is said to spiritually represent unconditional love. The association is not limited to romantic love, but extends beyond that, best described as a profound humanitarian love and it is said to keep your love energy in your aura. Aside from these spiritual beliefs, Pink Tourmaline is a fairly durable gemstone as it ranks a a 7.5 on the Mohs scale, making it an excellent gemstone for jewellery.

Rose Quartz

At Augustine Jewels, we love Rose Quartz! It features prominently in our South of France Collection as the pastel pink tones go perfectly with sterling silver. It is well known that Rose Quartz symbolises love and is said to boost loving relationship, so along with being gorgeous it could help your love grow! This makes jewellery featuring the gemstone a perfect present for Valentine’s Day.


Amethyst is the birthstone of February so is already perfectly linked to Valentine’s Day. However the relationship is deeper as the gemstone apparently possesses the power to calm the body and mind which allows the wearer to open their heart. Amethyst can be found in many colours, green being most popular at Augustine Jewels as part of our Como and South of France Collections.

Made through our bespoke service, this ring features a gorgeous 9ct Pink Tourmaline with two white Diamond baguette side stones, tiny diamonds around the band and set in 18ct White Gold. It is a stunning example of how Pink Tourmaline can take centre stage, enquire into our bespoke service for more information.

Stud earrings are perfect for everyday, the sparkle they add to an outfit whilst being subtle is unlike any other piece. These earrings are perfect to add some everyday glamour or to tie together an evening ensemble.

This is our famous South of France Ring! We love the silhouette and it is one of our most popular pieces of all time. The Green Amethyst is a beautiful calming colour, set in simple sterling silver - it is wearable yet glamorous.

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