The Origins of Valentine's Day and Augustine Jewels' Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day, also previously known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, originated as a Christian Feast Day honouring early Christian Martyrs named Saint Valentine. There are several differing stories that tell us how Valentine’s Day came to be the celebration of love spiritually, religiously and commercially each year on February 14th.
One of the most famous stories of Saint Valentine is that of Saint Valentine and Emperor Claudius II’s daughter. It is popularly believed that Saint Valentine was a priest in the Third Century AD from Rome. Emperor Claudius II had banned marriage as he believed married men made bad soldiers, Saint Valentine thought this was unjust and secretly arranged and performed marriages. However, when the Emperor discovered this, Saint Valentine was thrown in jail where he soon fell in love with his jailer’s daughter. On the day he was sentenced to death, Saint Valentine wrote his beloved a letter, signing it “from your Valentine”, it is believed this is where the idea of “a Valentine” came from. 
Valentine’s Day is thought to have originated from a Roman festival in the middle of February that marked the beginning of Springtime, named Lupercalia. One belief is that during this festival male and female names were drawn from a box, they’d be together during the festival and this would sometimes lead to marriage. As time went on, Saint Valentine’s name was used to express their feelings to their loved ones and slowly came to be the celebration we know today as Valentine’s Day. 
At Augustine Jewels, we have a selection of jewellery using romantic Rose Quartz gemstones or a gorgeous combination of Rose Gold and Morganite. All of which would be perfect Valentine’s Day presents. To explore more, see the products below: 
Pretty in pink, Rose Quartz stones are believed to be able to help love and relationships be happy and healthy. Whether you believe in the power of gemstones, this exquisite cocktail ring is undeniably beautiful! 
These delicate studs are elegant with a touch of modern glamour, showcasing a beautiful Morganite in a unique spiral design. 
These stunning silver necklace features delicate Rose Quartz stones, not only is the stone associated with love, it has a beautiful pale pink shade that anyone would love! 
This ring is a beautiful, classic design with a contemporary use of Rose Gold. This beautiful band has sparkling diamonds all the way round with a gorgeous channel setting. 



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