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Augustine Jewels featured in Jewellery Outlook

Augustine Jewels featured in Jewellery Outlook

We are proud to have been featured in Jewellery Outlook on the occasion of the launch of our brand-new Como Collection.

The article published there introduces the Como Collection in the following words:

"Inspired by the light, colour and purity of the Italian lake, the new Augustine Jewels collection celebrates the promise of new life after a long period of isolation. Augustine Jewels offers extraordinarily beautiful gemstones which have lifted their clients’ spirits and led to 20% growth in their business despite the lockdown of the past year.

The Augustine Jewels team has designed an exquisite suite of hand-made pieces comprising earrings, rings and necklaces with three different combinations of stones and settings.

Honouring Lake Como’s lovers from poets and writers like Shelley and Hemingway to modern celebrities George and Amal Clooney, the new designs weave the lake’s purity, dazzling colours and jetset appeal into an irresistible showcase of colour and style.

The collection offers three different gemstone combinations. Exquisite 9ct white gold or solid sterling silver showcase delicate pink morganites, green amethysts and blue aquamarines with fresh, springlike hues.

A more colourful treatment features striking purple amethysts, vivacious green peridots and gorgeous pink tourmalines set in 9ct yellow gold, echoing the strong vibrant
colours of summer.

Finally, the bold and arresting elegance of gorgeous and unusual teal topaz, bright yellow citrine and lively green peridot in a 9ct yellow gold setting provide pure fireworks in a stylishly daring ensemble."

We are delighted to have been featured. Do read more about the Como Collection on our blog!

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